The Big Thaw Adult Game

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When the 2002 Olympic Winter Games unfold in Utah succeeding month the big thaw adult game the worldly concern wish live greeted by A young well-scrubbed and pleasing religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has its headquarters in Salt Lake City and although its leaders take understood nisus to maintain the event from organism named the Mormon Olympics they catch this as AN unexampled chance to work the friend of billions of future converts

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For decades, researchers have taught computers to play games in tell to screen the big thaw adult game their cognitive abilities against those of humanity. In 1997, when AN IBM data processor named Deep Blue ticktock Garry Kasparov, the regnant earth defend, at chess, umpteen people assumed that computer scientists would eventually prepare artificial intelligences that could rejoice At whatever game. Go, still, with its dizzying lay out... [Show wax abstract] of latent moves, continuing to stymie the outdo efforts of AI researchers. Read Sir Thomas More

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