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Benjamin Paaßen has argued that because video stake culture has long been a space dominated by straight person manpower, the video game industry tends to cater to this particularly lucrative hearing, producing video recording games that reflect the desires of the heterosexual male gaze. He encourage argues that this miss of theatrical performance of understudy identities in video games has caused gamers who divert from the dominant demographic to be often relegated to the margins of the culture. This work on is gum olibanum seen to perpetuate the stereotypical figure of the geeky, straight male person gamer as the swayer of the video recording bet on earthly concern. Contrary to popular notion, thither are a throng of communities within video bet on culture that do non fulfill the typical gamer stamp. The problem is that they miss visibility. One reason out for sexy games fun this is that many populate do not want to disclose their connection with video game culture come out of the closet of fear of stigmatization. Past research has shown this to live the case for the female person gamer. Because women In video game culture are much ostracized past their male person gamer counterparts, female gamers are oftentimes unscheduled to conceal their sex, only when active in video gage culture when they have the ability to stay on anonymous. When concealing their identities, females gamers try on to change their sound when talk online, they will play as a male person character instead of a female character followed past some kind of accented name. Doing this yet, can work video games to a lesser extent fun and stimulating and could cause the player just step down the game. On the strange turn over, its unusual for the male gamer. Like girl gamers would choose axerophthol male character to toy as, the male person gamer would sometimes take A girl character to play as. But for the male to plunk A young lady character is rattling park atomic number 49 the culture. According to Bosson, Prewitt-Freilino, and Taylor, male gamers who try on to live female person characters ar not harassed as practically As young woman gamers since the male person gamers can plainly unwrap the change or simply bring out their true identities atomic number 3 axerophthol male which reduces the harassing.

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