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Since rocking the gaming earth with "Super Mario Brothers" in 1983 — Nintendo started come out qualification playing card game atomic number 49 the late 1800s — the companion has stringently hand-hewn adult only playstation games to mainstream views In the production of its games, and also limited representations of violence. In the 1980s and 1990s, IT likewise heavily censored games produced past independent developers, which had to meet strict guidelines — no drugs, cigarettes, booze, rip or profanity. The original manual for "Super Mario Bros. 2" included A character named Birdo, which the Nintendo Entertainment System manual explained believed himself to be a woman and desirable to live called Birdetta. The line was excised past the companion before its unblock. In 1992, Nintendo besides unexpected game-shaper Enix to remove a homophile debar from "Dragon Warrior III." Nintendo relaxed its prohibition on cross-stuffing characters In 1992, and past the late 1990s all only uninhibited its content-censorship policies. But games produced past the company itself mustiness still contact its strict content guidelines.

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